Local Ventura Businesses are Struggling

Local Ventura Businesses Battle for Space on the Internet

It’s really not a battle at all and here’s what I mean. Today, more than any other time in history, local businesses have the opportunity to invest in marketing solutions which will be more cost effective, as well as, more powerful in attracting their local market space.

For many years, too many local businesses have struggled to make ends meet while fighting in a bloody pool of highly competitive marketing spaces. Phone directories, news papers, radio and television have become such a broad gamble, that most businesses can not afford the budget required to attract an un-targeted client base.

Over the years we have found that the Internet has provided local businesses with the impact and targetness needed in order to attract only those looking for your specific business needs. So, how do you know your marketing is effective?

~Do you have a website?

~Do you own your website domain name and hosting account?

~Can you type a search term into Google and find your company listed number one?

~Does your marketplace know where to find you online?

~How many visitors, if any, visit your website each day?

~Can you track how many visitors have visited your website?

~What other authority sites in your industry speak highly of you on their websites?

As you can see, these being such a small portion of your online needs, the topical questions above could determine your business website’s effectiveness and reach.

Funny thing is that most offline and local businesses either have no website at all or, their website was built by a designer and not a marketer or search engine optimization and/or Web 2.0 specialist.

Take a look around our blog and be sure to contact us with your questions. We know what it is that a struggling business needs… do you know exactly what YOU need in your business?


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